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Dedicated to Truth in Philosophy and Science

All of the answers to questions you have about God and the universe are simple and staring you in the face. Think like a child and you can recognize the obvious!


Regarding truth in science, a technical paper on the Helical Travel of Light is presented. Published in Physics Essays in 1998, it removes the mystique of the quantum world. Proof is given that all radiant energy waves consist of small particles of mass  traveling in helical trajectories. Helical travel is what makes the photon appear as a wave. Photons travel through space at the square root of two times the speed of their helical waves - the measured speed of light. The diameter of any photon helix is its wavelength divided by pi, the universal constant. Further, Light is a  signal carrier only and particles can travel faster than the speed of a helical light wave in free space.

We recently investigated global warming and found that man-made carbon dioxide emissions has
nothing to do with it.  No Evidence to Support Carbon Dioxide Causing Global Warming! The slight warming trend has been caused by chlorofluorocarbons that have destroyed stratospheric ozone and has let more UV light hit the earth.  The analysis is presented in the paper Recent Global Warming Caused by CFC Destruction of Ozone! The paper written in conjunction with two other scientists is entitled, Greenhouse Gases Cool the Earth. A simple presentation on gases cooling the earth is presented in Gas Molecules and Dust in the Atmosphere Cool the Earth. A paper was published on Principia Scientific International, entitled Global Warming from CO2, All Politics - No Science! The last paper is The Manmade CO2 Global Warming Fraud! All of these papers have been published on EnergyPulse.net.

A tribute to the Rama we knew and loved is presented first. His deep and unconditional love of God is portrayed in
Rama's Prayer. Poems of God by Rama and our family and pictures of Rama and a Garden Shrine to Mary are included. We have also included a small book, Drishtiyoga, the yoga of sight.  It is a yoga technique based on sight that was written by Rama for the benefit of man to help attain his spiritual goal of becoming One with God. We have Rama's writing of several chapters of the Bhagavad-GitaThey were written just before He left the earth in 1972. This is one of the greatest spiritual books ever written and you have an Incarnation of God explaining it to you.  May God bless you when you read it!.

Rama's Wisdom.  His life and teachings, as relayed in books by Shakuntala Bodas are deeply inspiring and are made available for increasing the happiness of mankind.   Information is provided on how to acquire these books.  If you read any of them with an open mind, they alone could change your life, making your short stay on earth a happier one. There are other books that you can read to help you on your spiritual quest which we have listed.  For Christians to break down the separateness from other religions read, "The Sermon on the Mount" by Swami Prabhavananda.

"The One Consciousness" essay describes how you can recognize what God is, why He created us, who you are and why you are here, just through keen observation of your own personal experiences. After you recognize these things you will realize that no one is better than you. We are all One, playing different roles here on earth; there is no one role more important than another.

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This is a never-for-profit website that embraces all philosophies that teach those highest values of selflessness, compassion and unconditional love. Such a philosophy was embodied within Ramakrishna, a 19th century Godman. He followed Hindu sects, Christianity and Islam until each culminated with His mystical union with God. This great one said, "I see people who talk about religion constantly quarreling with one another. . . They haven't the knowledge to understand that He who is called Krishna is also called Siva and the Primal Sakti, and that He again is called Jesus and Allah. There is only one Rama and he has a thousand names.


Rama said, "If one has no respect for another's religion, he has no respect for his own." The reason this is true is that there is no place you can point where God is not. You can worship God with any form, animate or inanimate, or worship God the formless. It makes no difference; all that exists that you can see and not see is God. People who argue about religion are like little kids yelling at one another, "My dad can beat up your dad!" The truth of the matter is that we all have the same Dad.


Pure science is also embraced here for it too is a search for Truth and although not recognized by man, is a path to God. Swami Vishnu-devananda said, Truth is God and Truth alone triumphs. Truth is the basic law of life, the means and the ultimate goal. Purity and truth are the twin factors that unfold and awaken the Divinity that lies dormant within you and leads you to perfection!


Over ninety percent of the scientific community does not believe in God because they have no bridge to link science to its Creator. Thought is the scientific bridge to God; the beginning state of existence, the root cause and support of energy and mass!


From the One Consciousness (God) came the thought to create the universe and everything in it. The Scientific Bridge to God - The Unit Relationship among Thought, Energy, and Mass! is both a philosophical and technical essay. The essay provides the mathematical tie to our creator that obviates the dog chasing its tail - energy and mass analysis of the universe. In 1986, an earlier version of the paper was published in the Rosicrucian Digest. Following the essay is a review by Sant Darshan Singh.


Great scientists like Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein had a deep belief in God. Someone asked Newton to prove that God exists. He said, Look at your thumbs, that should be proof enough!   Einstein said, Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.


In contrast to Newton and Einstein, today the widespread disbelief of mediocre scientists has been very harmful to our society, because society looks up to scientists. If there is not a creator and we happened to be here by some cosmological accident like they suggest, then we can kill each other or take drugs until we go into a stupor; none of this matters. However, if we listen to the Godmen, not only do physical acts matter, every passing thought matters. If you read something here that you do not believe, cast it aside, each of us must follow our own heartWhen you find the living Truth within no one can ever take it away from you!  May the Lord bless you with spiritual success. 

November 23, 2013